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Auto Body Repair Services

We offer a variety of auto body services to help you get back on
the road and looking good

Deductible Assistance

Deductible financing thus easing out of pocket expenses.

Collision Repair

High Octane Body & Paint is the premier auto repair shop in the region.

Auto Detailing

In addition, High Octane Body & Paint also offers auto detailing.

Our Work

Below you will find more information regadring our services

Who Are We

    High Octane Body & Paint is an extension of our father's teaching and work ethic. As children, we grew up with the experience of working with our father at his shop, Boyd's Body Shop, founded in 1978. We were able to learn numerous invaluable lessons from our father, with respect to not only auto repairs and maintenance, but also how to run a successful business and how to treat each customer as a friend in need of help. This has transferred over to High Octane Body & Paint and continues to this day.

Deductible Assistance

    When you have repairs conducted at High Octane Body & Paint, you can receive deductible discounts that you can put toward your deductible costs from your insurance. We will help finance payments for it so you only need to worry about the repair costs. Thankfully, High Octane Body & Paint also offers great prices, so you end up with an experience that is much less stressful than you initially may have thought. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, and that is what makes us different. This deductible assistance bodywork is what has set us apart from our competitors within the industry.

Collision Repair

    High Octane Body & Paint is the premier auto repair shop in the Oakland, CA region. If you have had an accident or need body work done, you should come to us. We specialize in bumper repair and painting so that you will not even be able to tell there was an accident. We can also provide a complete painting of your entire vehicle. Any type of frame repair is no problem, and we can perform all of these repairs with an extremely fast turnaround. We have 24-hour assistance available so regardless of when you have a collision, you can get the repair process started. You can drop your car off at any time to obtain to immediate collision repair.

Auto Detailing

    In addition to superb auto repairs, High Octane Body & Paint also offers auto detailing to get your car looking like you just picked it up from the dealer for the first time. We offer a rare, 3-stage exterior buff, polish, and wax. This two-day job produces amazing results that you will have to see to believe. It is definitely worth the time. Not many other shops offer this specialty, so come to High Octane Body & Paint if you want a car that will outshine every other one on the road.

Cosmetic Services

    High Octane Body & Paint features many other services when it comes to auto detailing. Our expert dent removal can get out even the most drastic dents and door dings. There is headlight restoration, buffing, and tinting to create a style that will impress other drivers and leave you with an impressive-looking vehicle. We also do so much more so please inquire if you have a particular project in mind. Most likely High Octane Body & Paint can perform it, and better than other body shops.

Car Kits

    High Octane Body & Paint has car kits from the simple to the most extreme, which include fenders, spoilers, and tails. We routinely perform rocker and fender flair fabrication and installation, whether the vehicle is old or brand new. Our paint jobs are also without equal, and we will leave that extreme gloss to your vehicle so you cannot even tell a paint job occurred. Our skills are miles above the rest and we encourage you to come down and see some of the results of our auto detailing.
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Learn About Auto Body Repair

OUR experts answer the most frequently asked questions about service.

How Is Collision Deductible Financing Even Possible?

Yes it is possible, via flexible financing and terms, for you only need to worry about the repair costs. You can also receive deductible discounts you can put toward your deductible cost from your insurer.

Do We Work With Your Insurance Company To Start The Process?

We not only work with insurer to begin the process but we work to get your vehicle back on the road as quick as possible. Deductible and estimate can be handle by us to speed the process along.

Do You Offer A Gurantee With Collision Repair Services?

Your insurer may offer a limited 5 year warranty. However, we offer a LIFETIME GURANTEE on all Collision Repair and Paint. If you ever have an issue please come back and see us so we can evaluate your situation.

24 HR Emergency Assistance Available

Regardless of when you have a collision, we are ready to assist

24/7 1-510-472-3954