Relationship Marketing

Create a two way communication with your customer, and the results will be dramatic. Relationship marketing goes far beyond direct mail. Your relationship marketing campaign needs to be individualized to fit your customers needs. Let us help you build a long lasting relationship with the Ethnic market.

Services: Direct Mail, Email Marketing, Database Management

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Market Research

The starting point of any Advertising campaign. This is the time you really get to know your customer. If you don't know your customer, you risks the chance of alienating them. Remember two things. 1) Great execution does not happen by chance, and 2) Nothing beats a well thought out plan.

Services: Product Testing, Focus Groups, Package Design

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Event Marketing/Promotions

Nothing is as exhilarating or has more impact as a dynamic sporting event, unless it's a drop to your knees, belly bursting comedy event. I know, what about the WOW effect of live advertising? A movie screening perhaps? No matter, we can get it done and even offer effective web services aimed at the reaching the online Ethnic market.

Services: Facilitation, Website Creation, Website Conception, Site Maintenance and Management, Banner Advertisement, E-Newsletters, RSS Feeds and Podcasting

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